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Greenfield Tree Removal & Stump Grinding

Our Specialty
Our primary service is dedicated to tree removal and stump grinding. No matter what time of year you need tree services, Cross Cut is ready 24/7, 365 days of the year.

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We can Cut Down Trees on multiple properties in Greenfield at the same time.

Cross Cut delivers the best, most Affordable Greenfield Tree Removal Care in Indiana. If your landscaped yard trees near Greenfield or any of the surrounding areas up to a 50-mile radius have been victims to the ferocious winds of a storm, give Cross Cut Tree Removal & Landscaping near Greenfield a Call TODAY.  (317) 519-2192



Tree Removal Greenfield:
When tree storm damage happens, and YOU Need a Tree Cutter with over 20+ years of experience.
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fully licensed and insured

How we can help you

At Cross Cut Tree Services & Landscaping, we offer Full-Service solutions for ALL your GREENFIELD TREE CARE NEEDS. No job to big or small, whether Removing trees in Greenfield, or Stump Grinding in Greenfield. We have built our foundation on Honesty, Hard Work, and an exceptional experience for our clients.

 Services Include:


We can Cut Down Trees on multiple properties in Greenfield at the same time.

Cross Cut delivers the best, most Affordable Greenfield Tree Removal Care in Indiana. If your landscaped yard trees near Greenfield or any of the surrounding areas up to a 50-mile radius have been victims to the ferocious winds of a storm, give Cross Cut Tree Removal & Landscaping near Greenfield a call TODAY.

Whatever your reason for requiring a Greenfield tree removal company, we’re here to help. Cross Cut Tree Service provides Affordable Tree Care Removal in Greenfield. We’ve got the tools, skills, and experience to perform ANY Landscaping tree service near you in Indiana Greenfield while keeping the area safe for everyone.

Do You Need Stump Grinding or a Tree Cutter in Greenfield for Tree Removal?
At Cross Cut Tree Services & Landscaping in Greenfield, we provide stump grinding as a stand-alone service or as part of our tree removal procedure.


Get The Best stump grinding cost in Greenfield
Our Indiana local stump grinders near you in Greenfield use powerful self-propelled machines that run over the stump in Greenfield repeatedly, splintering and breaking the IN wood it into chips. At Cross Cut Tree Removal Services in Greenfield, we grind tree stumps up to 12 inches below ground level. Any remaining stump or roots will naturally decompose over time.

Note: When scheduling stump removal in Greenfield, please leave three feet of unobstructed access around the Indiana stump for the best landscaping yard results.

Get the best stump removal costs in Greenfield, Call now to hire our local tree service company in Greenfield.  We’ve been serving the Greenfield area for 20+ years currently. Aside from our trusted expertise, we’re known for our exceptional customer service.

Give us a call today to request a free estimate or to schedule tree removal in Greenfield. Depending on your preference, we can cut to remove the storm-damaged trees into firewood or more significant pieces or remove them from the property altogether.

Our Greenfield Landscaping Tree Removal Services Include:

Cheap tree removal Greenfield: 24/7 Emergency Tree Removal Landscaping Services near you for Greenfield. (Indiana Arborist Pros) providing honest, affordable tree removal pricing quotes for Greenfield.

Cheap Stump Removal & Stump grinders services Greenfield: Cabling landscaping tree cutters near you in Indiana. Providing lot and Brush Clearing, and Debris Hauling and best cost in Greenfield. “x-ray” Tree Evaluation for Greenfield, Firewood for Greenfield, Tree Planting, for Greenfield, Crane Services for Greenfield.

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Emergency FREE Tree Removal quotes near you in Greenfield Indiana

There are many good reasons to remove a tree from your property.Certified Tree Removal Arborist in Greenfield near you from our staff could inspect and remove your trees and shrubs and make a recommendation for the appropriate pruning and care to keep them healthy and beautiful. Cross Cut Tree Tree Removal services in Greenfield near your is fully equipped, licensed, and insured to do any tree service job, large or small! Our expert tree climbers and truck lifts will get the job done with minimal impact on your property.

Tree Removal & Trimming Greenfield IN

4 Good Reasons to have your trees trimmed Greenfield IN:

  1. Improve tree health in Greenfield near you
  2. Improve tree structure in Greenfield near you
  3. Reduce hazards to people and property in Greenfield near you
  4. Enhance your home’s appearance in Greenfield near you

Stump Grinding Service Greenfield IN

Tree stump grinding in Greenfield is a very effective method for the removal of tree stumps in Greenfield with minimal impact on your property in Greenfield and landscaping in Greenfield. Tree stumps in Greenfield can be hazardous and ugly, and leaving them on your Greenfield property can attract pests in Greenfield that inhabit them like ants and termites.

Hedge Trimming Service Greenfield IN

Hedge trimming isn’t just a science – it’s an art!
Hedge trimming in Greenfield and hedge landscaping care in Greenfield are vital for maintaining an aesthetically pleasing and attractive hedge. Landscaping Hedges left unattended can become unsightly over time and cause unexpected side effects on your property in Greenfield.

Tree Climbing Service Greenfield

As an expert tree climber service near you Greenfield, we can remove trees and trim trees with minimal impact to your Greenfield property and your trees in Indiana. As Certified Arborists near you in Greenfield, It is always best to manage and prune trees in a method that minimizes the impact on the property in Greenfield near you. We’ll also assess any surrounding utilities in Greenfield or structures in Greenfield that could be affected by pruning the trees in Greenfield, whether tall or small. Trees in Greenfield in the inter mountain regions can grow tall and wide over the years and can require tree climbing in Greenfield to correctly prune and maintain them.

When you need emergency tree removal emergency tree services, you need it now !

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Firewood Cutting Service near Greenfield

Got trees in Indiana? Got lots of trees in Indiana? Let us make some firewood for you! One of the most timeless and natural ways of keeping the home in Greenfield warm is turning wood into heat. Our expert tree service staff in Greenfield will come to your property in Greenfield and cut your downed trees in Greenfield into manageable firewood for the winter season. We’ll do it fast, neatly, and can take the mess with us when we go!

Lot Clearing Service near Greenfield

The lot and land clearing by Greenfield’s best tree service using the right tools for the job. Our experienced tree service professionals in Greenfield will clear your lot with minimal disruption to the surrounding Indiana property. Our landscaping equipment is environmentally friendly yet powerful and perfectly suited for efficient lot clearing in Greenfield.

Storm Damage Repair near Greenfield

Count across Cut Tree Service when you experience storm damage on your property. Cross Cut Tree Service is proud to offer:

  • 24-Hour Emergency Assistance in Greenfield
  • Large Tree Removal in Greenfield
  • Hazardous Tree Evaluation and Removal in Greenfield
  • Stump Grinding in Greenfield

Tree Bracing and Cabling near Greenfield

Having your trees braced in Greenfield or cabled in Greenfield can prevent significant damage or injury on your property in Greenfield. Tree cables and tree brace rods are supplemental structural supports implemented to reduce the risk of failure of weakened branches and multiple stems. Support cables can be made of high strength steel and are attached to brackets in the upper crown of a tree to limit the movement of the supported branches, so they are less likely to fail during extreme weather, high wind, and storms.

We CUT prices so you can afford to use us!


How much does Tree Trimming / Tree Removal Cost “near me” in Greenfield ?

Our landscaping customers in Greenfield are happy to learn how affordable trees can be to have removed in Greenfield? Our local Indiana Landscaping Tree Removal Service Company near Greenfield provides Free Quotes so that you know the tree removal cost in Greenfield before you commit. Plus, it is always more affordable to have trees trimmed or removed in Greenfield before they become a problem.

How Can I Prepare for Tree Trimming or Tree Removal Services “near me” in Greenfield ?

You can help us by:

  • Mowing your lawn in Greenfield
  • Removing any objects from the work site in Greenfield
  • Ensuring there is space for our vehicles to park on the road in Greenfield

Can we have the stump removed after the tree is removed “near me” in Greenfield?

Yes ! Tree stump removal near Greenfield can be included in the cost of the service. Just let us know when you Call or Email for a free estimate !

Why hire Cross Cut Tree Service in Greenfield ?

We’ll Start with 4 Reasons why:

  1. Competitive Tree Removal Pricing near Greenfield: Do it once, do it right!
  2. Professional Tree Removal Quality near Greenfield: Our customers love our low impact, climbing approach !
  3. Attention to Landscaping Details near Greenfield: We cut correctly and leave it clean !
  4. Landscaping Tree Removal Safety near Greenfield: We’re a licensed and insured Greenfield’s tree service!

We CUT prices so you can afford to use us!


Tree Removal Greenfield:

When tree storm damage happens, and YOU Need a Tree Cutter with over 20+ years of experience. DONT OVERPAY

Call Today: (317) 519-2192

fully licensed and insured